Week 1

It’s been a wild, emotional, wet, moldy week in Friendswood.  The beginning is always hard.  It’s dirty and messy and man, in this case, it smells really bad too.  Demo is almost complete and next week we tackle electrical.  I took a couple pics and videos to give y’all a feel for what’s been going down.  Be glad that smell doesn’t come through the camera.

Welcome Home

I stopped by this morning to take “after” photos of a job I’m finishing up.  The place was FULL of boxes and picture frames and laundry baskets.  Never has a mess been more of a welcome sight.  You see, this family has been living in a cramped apartment away from their home since it flooded in Hurricane Harvey back in September.  Seeing their things littered around and filling up their beautifully renovated home made me giggle with joy.  Because of the unpacking, I was only able to take photos of the master bathroom.  Totally worth not having pictures, if you ask me.  Welcome home, sweet family.

Time to Rebuild

This is a tough post to type. It’s not the typical tile and paint update. Yes, this one is about a remodel but it’s more than just putting a home back together…it’s about rebuilding a life.

I met Nita on September 2nd, about 8 days after Hurricane Harvey landed. Her condo took in water up to her knees and with no family close by and a flooded car, she had no choice but to stay.

It took days to muck out her condo and sort through her things. Even longer to wade through the mountains of paperwork for insurance.

During the last few months, I’ve had the honor of getting to know Nita. Over wine and paperwork, I’ve had a chance to learn her story. Over moldy boxes and piles of laundry, I’ve had a chance to tell her mine. We’ve shopped and sorted and trashed and laughed and cried together and finally…it’s time to rebuild together. I hope you’ll join us.  Check in from time to time and see the progress.  Maybe you can learn with me that the loss of things can be devastating but it’s in people and relationships where true joy and hope is found.