Art Gallery

Today is the day that the art teacher sends an entire year’s worth of art home!  Not gonna lie, it’s my favorite day of the school year!  In order to make room for all the gorgeous new treasures, I have to take down and put away the old ones.  Here’s a photo of the incredible gallery I’ve been enjoying this year.


 I’m going to miss it.  Priceless works of art, if you ask me. It doesn’t have to be fancy or perfect to receive a place of honor in this casual kitchen.  It just has to be theirs.

Flip Flop Kinda Work

When your client is your neighbor and good friend, work isn’t really work. It’s a gorgeous spring here in Houston.  Oh how I’ve loved making the short walk to check on the master bath progress  down the street everyday. Last night it was in sweats and flip flops.  We sat at the kitchen table with a glass of wine and considered Emtek glass door knobs while we caught up with our girl talk. As my shoes slapped the sidewalk on the way home, I smiled the most contented smile. This is so my kind of job.